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  • Our most advanced whole body and prostate health formula
    Real Mediterranean Vegetables are Nutrient Rich. Life Assure's Beta-Perfect Phytosterols Turn Western food into Medaterranean Healthy Food.
  • BCM-95 Curcumin: 500 mg of highly bioavailable turmeric curcumin spice - an anti-inflammatory supplement that also addresses depression, heart health, liver function and more!
    Spices and Herbs Are a Key Nutritional Element that makes the Mediterranean Diet so Healthy
  • Small Flowered Willow Herb Plus Fireweed (Great Flowered Willow Herb)
    Epilobium-AP Delivering the Full Promise of Epilobium
Pharmax HLC Synbiotic Intensive 150 billion CFU Promotes Digestive Health
BCN's 90-Day Parasite and Whole Body Cleanse - Celebrating 21 Years with $25 Off

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BCM-95 is proven to be more than eight times more bioavailable than other curcumin supplements. Try this highly absorbable form today and get all the health benefits of turmeric curcumin!

pharmax LLC: Professional Products of Choice — probiotics, fish oils, and much more.

Intestinal Purifier provides soluable and insoluable fiber, along with other ingredients, to provide excellent nutrition for intestinal health

Intestinal Purifier from pharmax

Melatonin from pharmax provides professional grade melatonin in an easy to use oral spray

Melatonin 3 mg from pharmax

Finest Pure Fish Oil Capsules with essential oil of orange provides top notch fish oil without a fishy taste

Finest Pure Fish Oil 120 Capsules

HLC Mindlinx Capsules provides heavily researched probiotic strands formulated to address learning disabilities

HLC Mindlinx Caps from pharmax

HLC Replenish provides short-term colonization and support of gastrointestinal flora during and post antibiotic use

HLC Replenish Caps from pharmax

AOR:  Advanced Orthomolecular Research — World Class, Pharmaceutical Grade Products.

Advanced Bone Protection + Strontium 60 vegi-caps
Cardio Mag 2.0 120 vegi-caps
Advanced Joint Support 60 vegi-caps
benaGene 30 vegi-caps
Estro Detox 60 vegi-caps

Your Personal Best: Items that will spoil you. These products really stand out!

PHA Serum or pure hyaluronic acid serum is intensely hydrating, rejuvenating skin's suppleness and elasticity while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles

PHA Serum
by episilk™

Try our favorite oil, Arnica Massage Oil and feel fabulous today!

Arnica Massage Oil
by Weleda

SinuOrega is a natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts combined with pure sea salt in a springwater base

SinuOrega™ by North American Herb & Spice

BioSil liquid silicon provides silicon as Clinically researched Choline-Stabolized Orthosilicic Acid or ch-OSA, perfect for skin, hair, nail, bone and joint health

BioSil® Liquid Silicon
by Natural Factors

Synthovial Seven is a vegan friendly pure oral hyaluronic acid dietary supplement, supplementing the natural hyaluronic acid in your body

Synthovial Seven™
by Hyalogic

Freeda Vitamins: Quality Kosher supplements and vitamins without any pesky fillers.

Ultra Freeda Iron Free is an excellent multivitamin with a superior B-complex formula

Ultra Freeda Iron Free Multivitamin, 270 tabs

Freeda's Glycene powder is 100% pure free form glycene that provides 2,250 mg of this important amino acid per 1/2 teaspoon

Pure Glycine Powder
by Freeda Vitamins

Freeda's 100% Vegetarian Glucosamine that is not made from shellfish provides anti-inflammatory support

Glucosamine 250 tabs by Freeda Vitamins

Freeda's Vitamin D3 5,000 iu is an excellent vitamin D supplement providing plenty of vitamin D3 in just one small tablet

Vitamin D 5,000 iu by Freeda Vitamins

Timed release niacin by Freeda provides niacin throughout the day, over a length of time, instead of all at once

Timed Release Niacin by Freeda Vitamins